Why do horses like political correctness?

So readers, today I ask the question ” why do horses like political correctness “?
Well, there are several reasons, the biggest is the same as why freeloader people like PC also. That reason is you get free stuff, you didn’t have to work for, with no stipulations of accountability.

You walk out to the pasture to retrieve ol buck , who promptly ignores you or goes the other way since he doesn’t feel the need to please you by working for his treats. So out of sympathy for ol buck you go get a grain bucket to lure him into your trap, and boy does that work great, now every time you want to catch him, it costs you a trip to the grain bin before even attempting to go get him.

Solution to the above problem, teach your horse to come to you. How you say? Easy, start in a round pen, and ask the horse to move, by driving him away, ( the same way mama pushes him where she wants him to go). When you get him moving and want him to come to you, back away and draw him to you. These are basic round pen training exercises. When he stops and looks at you, put pressure on his hip to move it away from you and this will leave him facing you if done right. Then, back away and draw him towards you. THIS WORKS IF YOU CAN LEARN THE PROPER BODY LANGUAGE FOR COMMUNICATING WITH A SPECIES THAT IS MORE INTUITIVE THAN YOU ARE. HORSES ARE NOT STUPID, THEY ARE GREAT INTIMIDATORS! Just watch a any of the trainers on tv who work with horse owners who don’t have a clue. Oops, I didn’t say that, that would be very unPC of me.
Let’s jump ahead and assume, rightly or wrongly that you were able to get the horse to come to you in the round pen. Now you move to a riding ring, or an arena or small lot that is bigger than the round pen. Using the same motivational techniques, make your horse uncomfortable at either ignoring you or leaving by pushing him around just like mama or any higher ranking horse would do. Don’t go looking on their uniform for their rank, they don’t wear it in the open. Just watch who pushes who away from the hay piles or the good grass. Make the horse move until he wants to look at you. Then draw him to you by backing away.
Keep doing this in large and larger areas until your horse respects your ability to move him in any area and this will come in real handy if you get thrown and need to retrieve your horse when on the trail, or out herding cattle in a large pasture or wherever you and your horse may part company.

Horses demand that their human herd member be the boss hoss or they will be very glad to take over the responsibility if you aren’t savvy enough. If you don’t invest time, patience, and effort to learning how horses think, behave, react or submit, you will never become a horseman or horsewoman, you will just be a pathetic sap known as a horse person. Otherwise known as a liberal weenie who garners as much respect fron your horse as you do from your children or significant other, how’s that for PC.


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