TJs The Bomb

TJs The Bomb

This post is going to be a bit different from usual.  Instead of providing information, I’m asking for it.

I started off the new year with a new horse. TJ was delivered on New Year’s Day of this year. Unbeknownst to me, he came with a mystery that I’d like to solve.

How did a well bred, highly trained western pleasure gelding from Texas end up as a dead lame horse at a sale barn in New Jersey?

TJs The Bomb (A Good Machine x Impulsive Lil Lena – Impulsion) Bred by Patti A. Hamlin of Angleton, TX and born on April 23, 2006, TJ somehow made his way to MN. His papers were transferred to Kristine Reuvers on 10/19/12. In June of 2014 Sarah Kampel found him at Camelot sale barn … dead lame. I’ve talked to Sarah so I know his story since June 2014.

Does anyone recognize him? Can anyone tell me anything more about him?

.10.8.15  Since this post, TJ has his own blog. You can follow his story at


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