Buggy Over Green Heads

Buggy Over Green Heads

Just about the timely horse’s shoulder is healing ** enough for us to start canter work and going on trial rides, the green heads decided to show up ….. in droves. Combine that with a former show horse that hasn’t been exposed to flies and has thin, sensitive Thoroughbred type skin and you have  a recipe for no riding.

Opti-Force, Flysect Citronella, Flicks, Ultra Shield Sport all with the same results – nothing. Three heavy coats with Fly-Rid Spot On. Ride early, ride late, same results – a very bronco ride (for 10 minutes or less) while trying to stay on and swat green heads, until I decide I’m going to get bucked off if I don’t quit. Poor horse can’t go out unless he’s head to tow in fly clothes. Maybe I should ride bareback with his fly sheet on.

Is there nothing that works on these blood sucking green SOBs?


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