My Horses Over The Years – Cajun Missile

My Horses Over The Years – Cajun Missile

Hope was getting older and ready to retire so I started looking around for a younger horse. I don’t remember how I found Cajun, but over the 4 years I owned her our motto was “I should have known better”.

She was a green broke 4 year old. When I tried her she was fairly quiet and willing. Walk, trot & canter in both directions. She needed work, but her price reflected this and it was nothing I couldn’t handle (or so I though). I paid for the horse, was handed her papers and made arrangements to have her hauled to my parent’s house. She was a nice, young, healthy horse with no lameness issues so I didn’t bother to have her vetted.  I should have known better.

Cajun arrived on a cold winter day when I was there alone and sick with the flu. The drive to my parents was enough to do me in and all I could think of was going home and back to bed. I walked her into the barn and put her in her stall with hay and water. She started to kick the stall & paw. She wanted to be out with the other horses. I walked her around the (electric) fence line so she knew where it was and turned her loose. I should have known better. the three of them ran, bucked and played. It didn’t take long before Cajun blew through the fence. I caught the other two and put them in their stalls. I finally chased down Cajun. Everyone was tucked in their stalls with hay and water. I spent several hours fixing electric fence.

It wasn’t long before I realized getting any serious training done wasn’t gong to happen at my parent’s house. The only place to ride was the rough pasture. I moved her to a boarding barn closer to my house.

I owned Cajun for 4 years and she tried to kill me on a semi regular basis for all 4 years. We did ring work, trail rides and shows. I should have known better for the majority of trail rides and shows. She was ridden 6 days a week.  She was well trained, and one would assume well broke. She was never dependable. She pulled some pretty creative stunts that I’ve never had a horse do. At this point I was almost terrified to get on a horse and close to quitting riding.

Cajun show.JPG

Her last chance was 30 days with Bill Devito, a very good local Quarter Horse breeder / trainer. If he couldn’t do anything with her, she was gone and I was done. I moved her to his barn to board and he’d spend the first month training her. Cajun’s first day at the trainer was a bit difficult and got worse. She started out by pulling a huge ring out of the barn wall (and part of the board) because she didn’t want to be tied. Over the following 2 weeks she threw herself on the ground while being ridden, threw herself against the ring fence and tore the saddle fender and countless other stunts. After 2 weeks Bill gave me the rest of my money back and recommended I take her to the sale ASAP. She was a lunatic and he was surprised she hasn’t killed me. He also told me that I was not to ride her again.

While Cajun was in training I spent a good deal of time watching him worth with the young horses. I knew if she didn’t work out, I wasn’t getting out of horses. My next horse was going to be Dundee. Cajun ended up going to Tabernacle and was sold to a girl that was going to turn her into a barrel horse.


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