Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt was born at the barn where we board on May 30, 2014. He was by a Shining Spark grandson, out of an own daughter of Smart Little Lena and the only foal that year. Charlie was getting out of breeding and cutting back on the amount of horses he owned. We saw him when he was 5 days old and immediately wanted him. There was something about that foal. We knew he was special. It wasn’t feasible to own (& board) three horses. Even though I was kicking around the idea of selling Rawhide, I’d still have to pay board for a horse I couldn’t ride for 2 years. I put that idea out of my mind.

He was an ornery little bugger. He wasn’t very old when he took a nip at me and ran. He was nicknamed Brat Colt. I still visited him when we went to the barn and played with him a bit. I had to try hard not to get attached. He was still there when I sold Rawhide and still for sale. At almost a year, he was turning into a nice colt. Still ornery, but very sweet. I passed him up again for the same reason. Paying board for another year + on a horse I couldn’t ride.

When the trainer we bought TJ from delivered him on January 1, 2015, we told her about the colt and persuaded her to buy him. He was loaded into the trailer and off he went to his new home. I was no longer tempted by the colt I couldn’t have and was looking forward to my new, well trained horse.

I only owned TJ for a year when I found out he needed to be ridden more than I could get to the barn. See his blog at TJStheBomb.com for the full story. TJ was put up for sale and I was casually looking for a new horse.

The trainer I bought TJ from had a 2 year old palomino gelding on her website. I called to get some information about him. She told me he wouldn’t be suitable for what I wanted to do, but had the perfect horse. She asked if I remembered the chestnut colt she bought when she delivered TJ. I couldn’t believe she still had him and that she was willing to sell him.  I made arrangements to see the colt that weekend.

He turned into a beautiful colt. A stocky colt around 14h.  Still unnamed and still ornery, a bit cocky, but friendly and curious. He was quick, agile and had attitude. He grew up to be everything I wanted. He was turned out for a year to grow up. He was going to be her personal horse, but she didn’t have time for him.

She had several clients in mind for TJ. Since our trailer was buried behind equipment and 2′ of snow we couldn’t take TJ up. She picked TJ up the following day as a deposit on the colt. A check took care of the balance and after almost 2 years of wanting him, the colt was finally mine. Now he really needed a name. I couldn’t keep calling him Brat, regardless of how well it fit. My track record for naming animals has been bad, so I asked Greg to pick a good cowboy name for him. So Wyatt it became.



We made arrangements for him to stay with the trainer for 60 days. He needed all of his ground work and then started under saddle. I wasn’t concerned about starting him before he was 2. He’s a solid colt and could handle some weight.

Little did he know his life would change drastically. Wyatt was put in a stall and gelded shortly after. I really wanted to keep him a colt, but since Greg’s horse is a mare it wasn’t going to work out well.

His training started with the ground work he never had and then under saddle. He’s been there about 45 days and learning most things quickly. I’m looking forward to him coming home on May 1st. Stay tuned … I’m sure future posts will be updates on Wyatt.

Would you like to hear more about Wyatt?  Follow my blog Growing Up Wyatt.



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