My Horse Over The Years – Shaken ‘n Movin’

My Horse Over The Years – Shaken ‘n Movin’

My (ex) husband and I were separated. We had been together since I was 17 and married when I was 20. I was on my own after 20 years of marriage trying to figure out my life, my finances and how to be on my own again. After I sold Dundee I wasn’t allowed to get another horse and ended up spending 12-13 years away from them. I knew I wanted to get back into horses, but not this soon. Friends were looking for a husband safe/kid safe horse so I made a few phone calls. A friend said she did have a horse for sale. It was a 15h Appendix mare that belonged to a boarder that stopped paying. I went to look at Shaker on a Saturday morning at the end of June. She was under weight from being tossed into a pasture with other mares that stole her food. I rode her … walk, trot & canter both ways. She even snuck over a small jump. She was happy, alert and willing. I knew right away she wasn’t going to be a husband and kid safe horse, but there was something about her. I didn’t need to be dealing with a horse this soon. I was still figuring out how to live on my own, but there was something about her. The $1,500 price tag was far too much money for the condition she was in and her lack of training, but that’s what was owed on back board and there was something about her.

Later that day Greg & I showed up with a trailer that was a bit too small for the horse (but it was the only one available) and a check. I was an idiot. I wasn’t sure if I could afford the horse I just paid far too much for, but there was something about her. I found out later she was supposed to go to New Holland that Monday. We got back to the ranch where Greg lived and where Shaker was going to be boarded. Everyone was waiting to see the new horse. Although it was only about a 15 minute trailer ride, Shaker didn’t travel well. She was nervous and dripping wet from nose to tail. The featured photo was taken when she was unloaded at her new home. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I saw something in her.





She went from a horse that nobody wanted to a well trained, dependable horse that could go anywhere. We rode the trails at Green Lane every Sunday for 3-4 hours. We went to shows and gymkhanas. Shaker and I had a blast in the 1 1/2 years I owned her. I knew she wasn’t going to be my forever horse, but she was a great horse to get me back into riding.

My finance’s daughter really liked riding her and she loved kids. She was turning out to be not enough horse for me. She was steady and dependable. She was bred to be a race horse, foaled in New Mexico and my fiancé could walk faster on crutches that she did. It was time for us to part ways and for Shaker to have a kid of her own.

Shaker got a kid of her own. She boards at the same barn we do, had a foal 3 years ago and we see her every time we go to the barn.


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