My Horse Over The Years – I’m Sonnys Cookiebar

My Horse Over The Years – I’m Sonnys Cookiebar

Wrangler wasn’t supposed to be mine. My finance’s daughter was really enjoying riding and we went to VA to look at him for her. He was almost 3, but he was very quiet. We were told he spent a year at the trainer. She liked him so we bought him.

Since Greg just about knocked him over getting on, I’d be the one to give him more wet saddle blankets and trail experience. It didn’t take many rides for me to realize the year he spent at the trainer was most likely standing around eating. He knew virtually nothing. It turned out Felicia liked Shaker much more than Wrangler so we traded. Quiet wasn’t something I was really looking for in a horse, but he was mine. It had been quite a long time since I trained a horse so to keep myself in check I took him to the monthly shows that a local club held. We showed halter, Jr Western Pleasure Horse and Snaffle Bit all summer. We ended the show season taking Champion Jr Western Pleasure Horse despite my having to argue with him every show.The three of us also spent quite a lot of time on the trails.


The older he got the more he resented work. He ended up being about 15.1h and strong. Resenting work I could handle. Being vindictive and spiteful was something I wasn’t going to tolerate. From spinning on a dime and bolting to trying to pull me over his head when I asked him to canter and everything he could think of to get out of work in between.  After a few years I’d had enough. Wrangler was sent to bootcamp with a trainer friend of ours.


Boot camp did a world of good for Wrangler … while he was there. He pulled every stunt on Ryan that he pulled on me and more.  He was an angel every time I rode there. The verdict at the end of 30 days was Wrangler was incredibly lazy and still rather exert more energy in trying to get out of work than if he would do the work that was being asked of him. He was always going to be one of those horses that had to practically beaten into working. I was tired of the fight with a horse that was never going to be right for me.


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