Worlds Worst Blogger

Worlds Worst Blogger

I think I officially earned the title of world’s worst blogger. I know you’re supposed to post on a regular basis and I’m far from doing that. I’m down to once a month and if I didn’t take time over the winter to write and schedule quite a few posts, I wouldn’t have anything. I do have a few more scheduled posts and a few drafts I need to finish. I usually write about a topic that’s annoyed me in some way, to better educate horse enthusiasts or give my opinions. Nothing has annoyed or inspired me, there’s no hot topics in the horse world (or at least my horse world).

This little boy inspires me to write.


I don’t want to take the entire blog with him since it’s called My Life With Horses and not My Life With Wyatt. I really enjoyed blogging about TJ and telling his story in From Show Pen to Kills Sale and Beyond (, but TJ’s story ended.

If you’d like to follow Wyatt from a gangly colt to what we’re doing today, as well as what his future holds, subscribe to  Growing Up Wyatt .  It’ll be up and running in a few days.


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