Are Registries & Associations Ruining The Breeds?

Are Registries & Associations Ruining The Breeds?

Over the past 30-40 years stock horse breeds and their registries have evolved into, for better or worse, what we have today. Years ago the Appaloosa was a stocky horse that had their own gait called the Indian Shuffle. They had a scrawny tail and a mane to match. Quarter Horses. Appaloosas and Paints each with their own distinct characteristics, breed standards and breeders that cared about preserving each breed’s integrity. Today they’re basically all the same except for the “clothes” they wear. In the western disciplines all breeds look like Quarter Horses in either plain (Quarter Horses) or fancy (Paints and Appaloosas) clothes. In the English disciplines, all could pass for Thoroughbreds. Were these changes really good for the breeds or were they pushed through because they were better for the breeders based on what what showing and winning?

How can a horse be double registered AQHA & APHA? If it has Paint blood then it can’t be registered AQHA. If it doesn’t have Paint blood, but has enough and properly patterned  chrome should it be allowed in APHA? Taking notice to stallion ads, you could get the impression that AQHA and APHA are interchangeable.

After spending the last 10 minutes searching AQHA’s website and rulebook, I’ve failed to find the definition of a Quarter Horse or breed characteristics. Have they done away with what the Quarter Horse is supposed to be and are accepting any foal that has registered parents of an acceptable breed?

In my opinion registries don’t make the rules and don’t have a huge concern for the horses, but adopt what the “money people” dictate. If registries were concerned with the breeds, they’d put a stop to the cruelty done horses for the sake of making money. The Western Pleasure horse is the most abused horse in the country. What goes on in big training barns should never be allowed, but it is because that’s where the money is. If registries cared about the horse, 3 year olds wouldn’t be expected to be fully trained reiners, cutters or reined cow horses in order to compete in futurities. A lot of the top trainers will tell you they don’t like doing this, but it’s what the clients want and they have to make a living. The hard demands of showing horses at a young age has lead to an influx of lame, unusable  6-10 year olds being sent to the kill pens.

What’s your opinion? Are registries and associations ruining the breeds?


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