Life and Seasons Changes

Life and Seasons Changes

Fall is upon us and we’ve had our first frost last night. As I sit here in our 5th wheel that we now call home I wonder where summer went. Hubby was retiring as of July 1st and was looking forward to riding several day a week while I worked and spending more time with the horses.

Spring dreams of trail rides and gymkhanas were replaced by long hours at work, a lame horse and the horrors of moving (twice).

Koko had some slight lameness issues on and off. We treated for an abscess.  When nothing changed we called the vet. Arthritis in a sniffle and the opposite hock. Meds and a joint supplement we on the menu for Koko.

The call came on July 8th. The landlords of the house we lived in for 7 years were getting a divorce and she was moving into our house. We had to be out in 30 days. We found out the hard way that it’s next to impossible to buy or rent a house in 30 days and chances dropped to impossible if you have pets. Weeks of frantic searching, packing, moving boxes to storage didn’t leave much horse time.

Wyatt is all cutting horse from nose to tail and needed hard work every day. He was getting in trouble and more difficult to deal with the longer he sat. Very long days at work combined with the moving, left no time or energy to ride a 3 year old. As difficult as the decision was, I put Wyatt up for sale. It may not have been the best decision for me, but it was best for him. Wyatt left for his new home at the end of July. The only time I got to the barn in almost a month was the day Wyatt left. The horse of my dreams, the horse I waited 2 years for, was gone. It took me a few weeks to be able to go back. Lack of time and the pain of loosing Wyatt kept me away. His stall was just as I left it, halter and lead still hanging on the hook outside. With tears in my eyes I took his halter off and put it in my tack box.

Since I was horseless and got along with Nick well, Greg gave him to me. While in the process of moving and not handling Nick on a regular basis, he essentially turned into a wild colt. He didn’t want any part of the halter or his lessons. He did want to rear, pull away, buck and bite. Gelding is long overdue! The vet came out in Mid September to give him an “attitude adjustment”. It worked! He was quiet, sweet and gentle. Walked on a lead, stood for brushing and stood in the wash stall for cold hosing every day. We can finally make some progress with his lessons. And then he started to feel better. Back to being a rebellious little brat. It’s going to be a long road to get this one under control again.

Another round of lameness for Koko. Abscess? We soaked for about a week, but nothing changed. The vet came out again on Koko’s 26th birthday. She broke open the abscess, it drained and we soaked. She was concerned about Koko’s heavy coat that time of year and took blood. A week later I got the call. Koko has Cushings.

Remember earlier when I mentioned it being impossible to find a place to live on short notice with pets? We didn’t. We ended up purchasing a 2018 travel trailer that started falling apart in a month. The dealer took it back, gave us a full refund and we got a larger 5th wheel (travel trailer) to live in. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and our 3 cats and Beagle pup got to stay with us. We’re all very comfortable and happy with our new life style. It’s mid October. Three months after this fiasco began it seems things are finally settling down. It’s been a very busy summer, but not what we had in mind way back in the spring.

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